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Monday, 11 June 2012

Finished At Last

Hello everyone! If you 've been a regular visitor you might have noticed that I've not been very busy this year on my blog, as you're about to see this is because I have just finished my largest ever project that's taken 5 months to build and a week of packing!. I'd like to say it's something new but instead it's an old favourite Houghton Hall. Not one but three!!!

I'd been asked last Christmas if I could build a couple but that fell through and in the mean time I asked a couple of friends if they wanted one and they said yes, then another person asked and I ended up building three. In some ways it was easier to build three together but I've not had a living room for months now. I've enjoyed doing it but it was such a huge job that I wont try that again. It's just a really complicated build. But here's a picture of my finished buildings.


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