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Indian Pavilion

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Bistro De Paris

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Monday, 9 May 2011

A Very Bad Saturday.......With A Bright Side!

Well plans for this weekend have all gone to pot, I'm currently typing this very slowly with my left hand as my right is in a sling. I was rushing down the stairs to answer the front door when I slipped and fell. I caught my arm in the banisters and ended up dislocating my shoulder as I landed.
OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!! (I won't be rude!)

I thought I'd broke my arm I have never felt anything as bad as that! So the upshot of that is I spent several hours late Saturday afternoon  in my local A&E getting patched up. As you can imagine the Playmobil work has been put to one side for now.

Oh and the bright side? Lots of drugs, a week off work and being waited on hand and foot.