The Windmill

A light up working windmill.

The Gothic Horror House

Based on the "Munsters" Tv show this house has all the typical horror features, lights up at night and glows in the dark..

The Snow Queen's Palace

Based on the Narnia books, this silver and white palace lights up.

Indian Pavilion

A small pavilion with decorated elephant and horse.

Bistro De Paris

A light up restaurant with bar and dance floor.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lyons Tearooms

I wanted to do something similar to the highly popular Chocolate shop so I created a Victorian tearoom. Tearooms became very popular in the Victorian era as it was a place that the ladies could visit without needing a chaperon. J. Lyons and Co. were one of the leading chains of Tearooms throughout Britain.

As always there's more pictures on the Tearooms page.

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Red Mansion

A few weeks ago I manged to finish another mansion in the same style as the Cluedo house. Although I did create a page for it I'm only just getting around to mentioning it here on my main blog.

Like the Cluedo house the Red Mansion actually closes up, which I 've always loved being able to shut it up and keep my cats out of it when I'm not using it. I've also included a working piano in this version.

So if you like these pictures I hope you'll visit the Red Mansion page to see more. this mansion is also currently for sale.