The Windmill

A light up working windmill.

The Gothic Horror House

Based on the "Munsters" Tv show this house has all the typical horror features, lights up at night and glows in the dark..

The Snow Queen's Palace

Based on the Narnia books, this silver and white palace lights up.

Indian Pavilion

A small pavilion with decorated elephant and horse.

Bistro De Paris

A light up restaurant with bar and dance floor.

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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tudor Hall Furnished

My Tudor Hall is finished at last and here are some of the interior pictures. I've also created it's own blog page with more pictures and some time I'll also create a YouTube video for it.

Blog Page Changes

Hi every one, I was going to post my new pictures of the finished Tudor Hall and I wanted to use a separate blog page for all my pictures. But I haven't got one on my main blog so I need to shuffle a few things around. I'm now trying to plan in advance so I'm going to create two more blogs if possible and theme each one.

So I'm sorry if your visiting this weekend if things keep moving or disappearing while I sort it all out.

There will be new things to look at when I'm done.

Many thanks, bye for now, Emma.