The Windmill

A light up working windmill.

The Gothic Horror House

Based on the "Munsters" Tv show this house has all the typical horror features, lights up at night and glows in the dark..

The Snow Queen's Palace

Based on the Narnia books, this silver and white palace lights up.

Indian Pavilion

A small pavilion with decorated elephant and horse.

Bistro De Paris

A light up restaurant with bar and dance floor.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Pharmacy Almost Finished

Well I've been cracking on this weekend and managed to get a fair bit done including almost finishing the pharmacies. I hope to have them both finished by the end of the week, so for now here's a few photos of the interior to keep you all going.

Monday, 23 January 2012

New Victorians For Spring

Here's the first of this years new couples in spring colours. Visit my Victoriana page to see more.

For new visitors who might not have seen my couples before I thought I'd mention a few things. I usually do about 4 sets of mixed Victorian figures a year. Each one is hand painted in enamels and then further decorated with a variety of accessories, ribbons, gems, real miniature hats, bows, feathers lace etc.

As you can see from the close ups above, the ladies often have broaches or necklaces and tiny buttons, while the gentlemen have watch chains and buttons, just to add a little bit of detail to each figure.
As usual these figures are available to buy on a first come first served basis. I can sometimes do repeats of certain figures depending on what I have available, but I can not guarantee this. At the moment I am very busy with other work so there will be no repeats at the present time. My next lot of figures will be in late spring - April / May.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

January Catch Up

Happy New Year to all my Chinese visitors I hope the year of the Dragon brings you happiness and prosperity.

Sorry to all my visitors there was no update last week I've been nonstop working for the last two weeks but I do have some updates on current projects. Not only have I been working on the Playmobil but I've managed to extend my garden and I've spent some spare time planting new hedges and creating a border etc. So come spring and the better weather I'll be spending more time outdoors trying to work on my new garden! I'm hoping to have a G scale Playmobil train layout there some time later this year. Yeah Steaming Mary!

I've managed on make a good start on a huge project, Mary, Maria and Mike I have pictures for you. This will keep me busy for the next couple of months, but I have done some work I can share at the moment. If you read my last post you'll know I'm also working on a new set of Victorian Shops, Chocolate, Pharmacy, Jewellers, Wine Merchants. I've painted the buildings and I'm now starting on the decorations.

I did wonder if I should do a Victorian pet shop? Maybe it needs to be bigger judging by this photo!

This is Taz, one of my two helpfull cats that delight in getting into everything.

These are the two chocolate shops and the first pharmacy above with wine merchents and jewellers below.

I've also completed my first set of Victorian figures for this year and I'll have photos later today to share with you all.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

I'd like to wish all my visitors a happy new year. I hope you all have a safe and happy time.

As usual the new year is a time to make plans for the future but first I thought I'd go back and see what I had planned for last year and if I managed it?

This was 2011's wish list:

Tudor Manor Hall
I've built this once and had to pack it up for the space but I'm looking forward to putting it back up and making a start on the furniture and decorations. I'm planning on creating a separate page for this so you can all follow my work as it goes along.

Medieval Buildings
I've got several buildings already designed in my head and am looking forward to building these soon, including a church, pub, bridge house and watermill.

Medieval Market
Along the same lines as the large Victorian Market I made last year, complete with base and new customised figures.

Medieval Tournament
Including jousting, archery, lots of knights and tents and anything else that strikes my fancy

Gothic / Haunted Mansion
A new style mansion with a spooky feel to it

Victorian Small Shops
A few more of the small shops I created at Christmas to continue the set.

Victorian Carnival & Traveling Show

Well I can't say I did too well on that lot! I did manage the Tudor Hall, watermill and a tower. A few Victorian shops and started the haunted house. Oh well, best laid plans and all that!

So I'll try again for this year and see how I go. I have a lot of commissions to start off with so a lot of new work will have to wait till later in the year I think. Mmmmm....

Gothic / Haunted Mansion
A new style mansion with a spooky feel to it. It's built just needs furnishing and a few bits here and there. 

A Steampunk Submarine 
Loosely based on Jules Verne's Nautilus.

Large Victorian Shops
I have already made a start on a jewellers and wine merchants with possibly a large pub as well. I've also made a start on a pharmacy and chocolate shop.

Red and White Grand House
I've got hold of another of these great houses which I will decorate up later in the year, maybe as a Cluedo house again, not sure yet.

Victorian Windmill

Art Deco House
A classic style art deco house. 

Victorian Steamer with Harbour

Small Bakery
A repeat of one I did early last year.
Victorian Carnival & Travelling Show
I would still like to have a go at this including a freak show and rides.

So these are my ideas so far fingers crossed I might get them done!