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Fairy Tree House

The Original Treehouse.

The ground floor of the tree opens onto a small pond with a slide on the right and a ladder on the left side both leading from the floor above.

The middle floor has the main doorway and trap doors leading to the ladder and slide.

The middle floor has a walkway leading from a gazebo on the left to a patio on the right.

The top floor has a bay window and a doorway leading to a third seating area with a large parasol.

The ground floor is large enough to hold the fairy carriage, unicorns, rickshaw and wheelbarrow when not in use.

The middle floor is a sitting room with chairs and table.

The second floor is a bathroom with wash stand and mirror, bath with screen and steps leading into the gazebo.

The top floor is the bedroom with access to the top seating area.

No fairy house would be complete without fairy lights!