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Saturday, 5 March 2011

mini food

Hi as you may have noticed from some of my shops and room settings I also like to make miniature food and as I made a few things this week I just wanted to share with you all a little selection.

In other news the next Mansion is progressing well. I've painted a fence this week to go with it and decorated the front steps. I've got to do some work on the roof but with luck I'll have pictures on Sunday or Monday for you all to see. It's a new design mansion and all I'll say for now is it's been a lot more work than I originally thought it would be but that's half the fun.


  1. They really look real...I love them, Emma J.! Did you also make the plates and bowls? What kind of clay do you use? Japanese clay or Polymer clay? What is their actual size?

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm glad you likes my food. It's 1:12th scale so the ham is about an inch / 3cm long the, the triang sandwiches about 1cm.
    The food is made from Fimo polymer clay and the jelly from Scenic Water. The bowls and plates were bought. Best wishes, Emma

  3. That's lovely. Thanks, Emma. I'll try doing some miniature food myself for my own playmobil collection.
    Cheers:) Sarah