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Monday, 12 September 2011

New Figures

I've been away for the weekend and while rushing about I stopped off at a Dolls House Fair. It was packed out and I spent several hours and lots of money on some new bits and pieces for my upcoming projects. There were some wonderful dolls houses there I'd loved to have had a couple but they were so expensive! Beautiful craftsmanship and they've given me an idea for another Tudor style building. I'm working on a row of shops, a tower and a Victorian house at the moment but after that I'll try this new design.

I've had several emails this week asking if I'm going to be doing any more Victorian figures, yes I am. I needed some things from the show and I'm waiting for a few more things so hopefully I should have some more figures available at the start of October. I've managed to get hold of the new skirt design so I'll have some new style figures as well as the old ones.

Here's a picture of the new version.


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